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Mobile Surveillance Units: Security on the go. 

Elevate your surveillance capabilities with Overwatch, brought to you by Critical Edge Solar Integrated Surveillance Trailers, the ultimate solution for
a robust, self-sufficient platform that allows you to customize your trailer to fit your needs, seamlessly. Our trailers are designed to meet the diverse needs of your applications, providing a reliable and efficient solution for enhanced mobile surveillance security needs.


Harness the power of the sun with our solar integration, ensuring continuous operation without the need for external power sources. These trailers offer a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to surveillance, making them ideal for both temporary and permanent installations. The flexibility of these trailers empowers you to tailor the setup to your specific requirements, accommodating cameras, lights, communication systems with PA speakers, radios (including DSRC and others), and any other equipment crucial for your surveillance needs.


Overwatch, brought to you by Critical Edge
understands the importance of adaptability in
surveillance, and our trailers are built to meet
the demands of various applications. Whether
you need a mobile surveillance solution for events, construction sites, or remote locations, our Solar Integrated Surveillance Trailers provide a reliable and dependable platform


Enjoy the freedom to deploy a comprehensive surveillance system that suits your unique needs. Our trailers offer a turnkey solution, allowing you to focus on your specific objectives without worrying about power constraints or compatibility issues. With Overwatch, brought to you by Critical Edge, you have a partner committed to providing cutting-edge technology that empowers you to take control of your surveillance strategy

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